Actor Idris Elba tests positive for coronavirus l GMA Digital


The actor was tested after someone with whom he was in contact tested positive. LEARN MORE: KEEP UP WITH OUR LATEST ON …



  1. Damn ,March 18th and he's not feeling symptoms? He supposedly got it March 4th from Justin Trudeau's wife. 14 days and he's not sick. Idris Elba is the coolest man on Earth. He ain't getting sick!

  2. What utter celebrity bullshit….the media puppets will be out in force spouting this bullshit 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  3. Everyone in the comments act like Idris murdered his wife. Look at the facts. The virus is mostly killing old people at a 1-3% rate. If that.

  4. I was just lookin you up bro ham just to see wat wacky and wild stuff u been jamming. I wish u peace and blessing brotha during these illmatic times.

  5. What a worth less piece of shit, you came to santa fe and did a bunch of photo ops at a music store, and in less than 5 days you tested positive, you have money you will survive and its allergy season atleast you shld have done the self quarantine shit…now few more new cases will show up in santa fe, idiots stay at home do some self quarantine shit….you shld be arrested for this shit…

  6. Meanwhile In America:

    Celebrities Who Are ALREADY ANTI-CHRISTS: [Exists But ALREADY QUARANTINE] What? What Did I Do???


    Also Coronavirus (Clovis-19): Anyway You Are STUCK HERE WITH ME!

  7. Idris, I believe in you. You will get through this. I pray for you, your family, and for everyone in this world that is effected by this corona virus. I hope that vaccination is discovered soon. Remember the very words from the movie that you played in Pacific Rim: "WE ARE CANCELING THE APOCALYPSE!!!" I remember the impact those words had on me when I saw the movie the first time. Idris, you are a true wonderful actor and great person. That very line from the movie reminded me of what we all should be thinking now to overcome this terrible time. We will all overcome this! Believe!


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