Throwing it in your own net v Chelsea was one thing lad, BUT THIS? Adrian has gone one (probably multiple actually) steps too far and now Liverpool are out of the Champions League to Atletico.. This is a ram-packed FTW, featuring a world ending virus, the Manchester Derby and Ronaldinho becoming a convict. Just the average week then..

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  1. As a Liverpool fan, i am very sad and everyone need to respect Liverpool like other football teams :
    – Gerrard slipped and cost us the Premier League 2013/2014 season. Now because of Coronavirus, Premier League would be suspended and it's possible for Liverpool to wait until next year to win the League (make it 31 years waiting) and even if Liverpool win the league early this year, they still have to lift the trophy without fans, inside the empty and absolute silence stadium. Meanwhile every other teams lifted their trophies in the stadium with a lot of their fans.
    – All the football teams around the world and in England always hate Liverpool with no reason since Liverpool road from the medium team to world class team like any other teams by Jurgen Klopp,they never care about the word "never give up" from Liverpool. Even the 10 years old Manchester United kid wanted Liverpool to lose even though this is the first time Liverpool be this good. In 17/18 and 18/19 season, Man City win a lot and a lot, win 64 games, 2 leagues in a row, 198 points and no one even say a thing about Man City. And the Manchester United have won so many Premier League, but those Manchester United still not satisfied and hate Liverpool when Liverpool for the first time be this good.
    – This year because of Alisson injured all the time, Adrian have to replace Alisson and now he make many mistakes and make Liverpool lose FA Cup and UCL. People still not respect Liverpool for their lost because many players injured like Shaqiri, Keita, Matip.

  2. I'm in the future. the premier league was suspended as a United fan this is the best news and my school is cancelled for 5 weeks


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