Amber Heard EXPOSED in NEW BOMBSHELL Johnny Depp Video! She ADMITS IT!


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  1. You know whats sad? She won't get in trouble for this. Disney will pay Johnny money, maybe he'll get back his role as Captain Jack Sparrow… but that's it. We need to make women like her accountable for their actions.

  2. i hope this follows her for the rest of her life, because at moment we are all preoccupied with the Corona virus.

  3. You know why and how smaller women can abuse bigger men? Because these bigger men are bigger in more ways than just the physical. They’re the bigger person in the fight by taking it rather than retaliating. That’s why they should get support when they come forward about it.

  4. Why the hell does this sick case keep going? This is obviously Amber lying to the court and she has had nothing but the I'm a WAAAAAAHmens defense. No proof, nothing. It's almost just as disgusting on the judges part to allow this bitch to keep going on

  5. If the roles were reversed, she'd be in a fckload of trouble, legally and publicly.
    As a woman, this also worries me about the future public credibility of both male and female domestic abuse victim. We need to learn to trust our guts more because – in reality – we should be able to easily identify monsters like Heard at first glance.

  6. Didn’t Johnny Depp leave the mother of his children for that Tasmanian devil? He didn’t marry the mother of his children, but married that bitch who was kicking his ass on a regular.

  7. Depp always came over as he is simply not the type that would let his hands do the talking. And now that golddigger is getting what she deserves

  8. I don't know why you idiots have basically turned johnny depp into you victimized hero. He's still a far left, "elitist" douchebag who wouldn't waste his piss on you people if you were on fire. They are BOTH garbage. The fact that she basically bullies him is very telling and very hilarious.

  9. Hey just a note: the video in the tweet at 5:50 is actually made by a youtuber who goes by "incredibly average" not "gilin_gilin" as watermarked in the tweet. Not saying it's your fault! please don't think that, it's more I want to give the credit where it is due because this person has been doing breakdowns of the whole case for about 6 months or more. They also do a fantastic job of breaking everything down to really see if what Amber claims and her friends defend, is feasibly possible.

  10. I still don't understand how people can say that there was violence on both sides…While we obviously see that the only violent person in here is her! And she even finds it funny! What a piece of trash!

  11. Doesn’t she realize that what she’s saying doesn’t even add up with the recording? She keeps trying to say that she was trying to escape, but it’s clearly stated in the audio that Johnny was in the bathroom and she kept trying to get in there to him 🧐 how are the courts allowing this???

  12. It’s hard to believe someone could be so arrogant as that evil witch. I really hope to see justice in this case. She should never be allowed to work in movies again.

  13. Am I the only one that thinks her movements are awkward? I mean, those moves are something you would see in a film when someone is not mentally stable, right? And why are you allowed to eat while being interrogated? That's so not serious. If everything is a lie (and so it seems) I hope she gets punished.

  14. I'm sorry, Heard didn't look like she was rolling her eyes, but instead her inner devil trying to come out. 🤣

    Just looking at her reactions, yeah she is quite the giant aresehole and lier. The media should be ashamed for defending this person, but let's face it, it's the media …🙄

  15. I really think Aquaman two is going to flop because she is at it because people are so pissed at her for what she did to To Johnny Depp

  16. You know what? Let's just boycott all movies of her as a character. I don't care even if it's just a supporting role. If I ever see her video on YouTube I'll report it.


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