BTS V’s Itaewon Class OST “Sweet Night” receives recognition by TIME


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BTS member V released a new song for the soundtrack of JTBC’s Korean drama, “Itaewon Class.” The soundtrack “Sweet Night” was produced and written by V himself. This song’s genre is Indie pop, based on acoustic sound and the song is sang entirely in English and the lyrics reflect the emotions of the drama’s resilient male lead, Park Sae Roy.



  1. Mmm I have a question?!?!
    This girl… Did she learn English from an automated voice or what? Sorry to say but she talks like a robot

  2. Wow yeah i love this music is so calm and this song is like inside in your heart and i don't know but Tae Tae is amazing

  3. Tae, спасибо за замечательную песню. Голос просто бомбический, слова очень красивые и эмоциональные. Моя любимая песня.

  4. Just finished watching Ep 16, the last episode which came out today! Itaewon Class is really awesome and I highly recommend people to watch it! Sweet Night is on ep12 and ep16. Enjoy!

  5. tae deserves all this love and support. this song is absolutely beautiful and I was so happy when it came out.. 🥺💜

  6. 🥇🎀🤙🛐🕊🙏CONGRATULATIONS🏆🎀🤙🛐🕊🙏to 💘🎼🕺🎤 OUR Darling, Beloved, Precious Kim Taehyung {{{ V Of BTS }}} 🌷🎶🕺🎙 for receiving our 23rd and 24th much earned awards for🥇🎨🎈🎆🎉🎁🎋🎑🎇🎈🎉 "Sweet Night – Pull You Closer"-Unique-Endearing-Original-Musical-Song-Lyrics 2020 Award + Tremendous-Power-And-Lyrical-Group-Plus-Solo-Dancing 2020 Award 🏆🎨🎈🎆🎉🎁🎋🎑🎇🎈🎉 Yayyyyyyyyyyyy❗❗❗❗

  7. Congratulations V, well deserved recognition, the song , Sweet Night, the lyrics, the melody and you V , your rendition , your soulful voice, makes our hearts melts. You’ve got it all, can’t get enough of you V ( Kim TaeHyung). Saranghae 💜♥️❤️

  8. Honestly though, BTS themselves individually has this, spark that makes them stand out. Each of their voices is so different and all are so captivating and unique Both the Rap like and the Vocal line. Not trying to be mean but many bands, their voices sound similar and too…close? While BTS, individually has something that stands out…and when they are put together, that's what BTS sounds like.

    Jin has this honey-tender and strong-hold voice.
    Jimin sounds like an angel. it's sweet and gentle and light.
    V, so mellow and deep and husky.
    Jungkook, so clear and clean and smooth.

    RM, such a raspy, tough-like controlling and hard-hot voice.
    Suga, Husky, breathy and spike-spitting.
    JHope, A singsong–flowy and electric.

    They never stop amazing me.

  9. This song is really touching my heart and your voice is so amazing i love you so much 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💓💕💞

  10. I guess if any Pharmaceutical Company manufactured a balm by using the word Sweet Night. It will outsold of course. I love the word ' Soothing Balm"


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