Everything You Need to Know About Tom Hanks’ Coronavirus Diagnosis | OSSA


Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson tested positive for coronavirus. Numbers of Positive For Coronavirus grow every day and now even the Hollywood …



  1. Who cares. 😡. With all their money they need not worry, they can stay home and get the best care. Must be nice. Not all of us are so fortunate.

  2. The media is using this corona virus as a scare tactic! More people die of the flu. I’m betting this was lab created!! The stock market crashing?. They never hyped up the H1N1 virus under President Obama the socialist!, yet thousands were sick under him! The media waited a very long time to announce that virus! He was out golfing at the time. This is all deep state scare tactics. Btw, also the CDC is very corrupt.

  3. If they would have took the right protocol for this to not get out this would have never got out in the first place. Anyone that left the country would have stayed everything would've been shut down…so it wouldn't been able to spread so rapidly… smh now people have this that never even had the chance to travel…this is bad 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ and no one should have to suffer because of ignorance…

  4. Tom Hanks and his drag queen husband are both in the Freemasons and so is that Ashenazi Jew that spoke for them. He had a giant tattoo of the pyramid with the all seeing eye. Can you be anymore obvious? I don't believe one word of this Coronavirus BS.

  5. OMGoodness he has Illuminati tattoos… please what a front. They only like your father… the son is a front.
    Karma has found Tom and his wife.

  6. And when they're not sick from it anymore, you'll see it's all overhyped bs. The flu and many other sicknesses, kill more than this cn1 bs.

  7. So we have to stay in for 2 wks, but not Tom Hanks..he gets to go where ever when ever, why worry. He's so important, test show positive, why stay put? Go home spread it all around…thanks Tom. Hollywood jerk off

  8. I have a bit of problem with this elbow-bump thing as a substitute for handshaking. If you cough or sneeze very sloppily onto your bare arm, then rub your elbow against another person with a bare arm, this opportunistic virus might just find a way to leap across the elbow gap. I have heard the virus can live for three days on a pane of glass.

  9. This thing is a satanic globalist manipulation. They will try to use it to control us. Possibly also to lower population. Or we are currently their guinea pigs. Take NO vaccination. Any vaccination will be far worse than the virus.

  10. I think they will be just fine, they both seem to be in good health… It's really mostly elderly with weak immune systems that are dying from this…

  11. Sounds like Corona virus isn't that deadly. I bet they make a full recovery. The media has blown this way out of proportion.

  12. So we no longer call influenza the flu. It's now the corona virus, even though there are different strains of influenza and the common cold. In fact, no two colds are the same strain of CV.


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