honest thoughts on ITZY's WANNABE


my honest thoughts on Itzy’s comeback with WANNABE! I was so excited when I saw the teaser photos and it definitely was not what I was expecting but I was not disappointed!

I feel some people might misinterpret what I meant with the point about choreography, because I do agree that it looks amazing in the music video, but seeing the showcase, I just thought it wasn’t my favourite. That’s it!

Anyways, if you like this type of comeback review video, then please give it a thumbs up and let me know in the comments!



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  1. All the people who bitch about their concept are probably the same people who bitched at twice for years to change their concept lmao

  2. I don't mind their repeating theme. It's apart of their concept. People keep coming out with love songs and no one complains 🙄. Also it's only their 3rd title track and they've only debuted for over a year.

  3. before talking about the choreography , y don't u watch the dance practice video . "it's not out yet" cant u fucking wait for like 6hrs , ur not judging choreo ur judging small sequences , and ps even those that u did r bomb , u just have no appreciation for it .

  4. That’s what I’m saying, Wannabe’s structure is the same or very close to the structure of Dalla Dalla and Icy. The choreography is much more easier unlike Dalla Dalla and Icy. And Wannabe sounds more Girl Crush than Teen Crush which is their concept, I know they are targeting the American market but I thought JYP was gonna be a little different because they have a big chance of making Itzy the Girl Group of the west but the way they’re handling of the girls are okay at some aspects but the other aspects are not okay. Other than that, the song was catchy and it was a good comeback.

  5. theyre doing what dreamcatcher did, theyre establishing their sound. im over people thinking a group having a genre makes them repetitive.

  6. It’s the same in western pop to be honest. A lot of artist almost only produce love songs or breakup songs ect. Artist like Celine dion (only one that I could think of at this very moment) songs are almost all about love , but we don’t complain, quz she’s the queen of love songs . But if they do it kpop, girl we like to complain

  7. I really like itzy WANNABE it took me a lot of time to like Dalla and ICY since they sound so off putting but with WANNABE I loved it at first hearing also I love the extended dance break

  8. The song was cute in my opinion, but I think it's repetitive, even the 'crown' part of the choreo. I've really liked their songs so far, especially "Icy" and "Want it", but I was hoping "Wannabe" would be more different from their last two title tracks, y'know especially because 'being different' is their brand and all.

  9. Ok me personally, when I first heard it I didn’t really think it was incredible, however now that I’ve listened to it more and more I’ve loved it more and more. Ryujin’s opening part SLAYS

  10. the company ain’t promoting Chaeryoung enough. i feel like she’s barely there and i almost forget she’s a member of the group. she gets almost no spotlight in their titles and is casted aside. give our main dancer a dance break JYP.

  11. I’m sad that they put the beginning with this doll-sounds ONLY at the beginning… I would love it, when they would do it at the end of the song again, as a “soft ending”… but I think this is against the concept of their songs 🙁

  12. i don’t think the BTS & Itzy comparison is a double standard. Yes BTS has been with the “Love Yourself” concept for 3 years but they delivered it so different. Itzy practically screams I love myself & gives i don’t care what you think vibes, whereas BTS delivers a concept of YOU SHOULD LOVE YOURSELF, even with the little things you might not like about yourself because those make you you, and you’re important, special and you’re needed in the world, they deliver this through the whole albums and with deeper philosophy.

  13. As I was watching your video a commercial rudely interrupted the video and guess what it was… Itzy's Wannabe lol


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