Intel Core i5-7200U vs i5-8250U – Grand Theft Auto V


Testing the performance of Grand Theft Auto V with the Core i5-7200U and Core i5-8250U processors.

The i5-8250U features double the processor cores of the i5-7200U, and a lower base clock, but higher maximum turbo speed. In the games benchmark it gives approximately 10% higher average frame rates.

System configurations:
HP 15-ay167na
Intel Core i5-7200U (2.5/3.1GHz)
Intel HD 620 graphics
2 x 4GB DDR4-2133
Windows 10 Fall Creator Update

HP Envy 360 15-bp100na
Intel Core i5-8250U (1.6/3.4GHz)
Intel UHD 620 graphics
2 x 4GB DDR4-2133
Windows 10 Fall Creator Update


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  1. So Lesson For today, Don't Catch Viruses And Keep Graphics Super low And Have A fun TIme
    I Have A dell inspiron 15 3576 core i5-7200U @3.1Ghz (Fully Clocked),Intel HD620 Graphics And 8Gb of DDR4 Ram :))

  2. i'm going to purchase rghit now can i play 😔💔
    Processeur : intel core i5-8265U
    CPU 1.60 GHz 1.80 GHz, jusqu'à 3,9 GHz avec la technology ntel
    Ram : 16 Gb
    Carte grafics : intel Ultras HD 620
    Windows 10 pro 64 bits

  3. i have i5 8250u with 8 gb ram and radeon 530 gpu. i'm using photoshop 2019 cubase 8 etc and this is a very strong cpu i never see any slowing problem. 4/8 intel core with cheap price is very nice and enough for me. i was never try any game but i guess after then see this video, maybe i can try. on laptops for my expectation i5 8250u enough.

  4. Accidentally got the i5 7200u instead of a laptop with the 8250u but you made me feel a lot better about it. Thanks.

  5. Intel Core i5 8250U 1.6GHz Base , 3.4GHz Turbo <- can any one explain what its mean? specialy the (1,6Ghz / 3,4Ghz)

  6. Would this be ok for like gta4,TF2,Garry's mod,CSGO,and maybe Pubg(I hope) this is for the i5-8250U with UHD 620

  7. which better to buy asus i5 8250 u (8g ram, nvidea130mx) or asus i7 7500u .(8 g ram, nvidea GT 920m) ? help plz..

  8. I have I5 8250u but even low graphic games lag horibly.I don't know why,can't find the reason.Drivers are updated to maximum.

  9. In my country, the asus s510 ( i5 7200u ) and s510 ( i5 8250u ) have the same price, theres nothing different between the two. As far as i knew, the i5 8250u is much better than the i5 7200u, but why are they selling them at the same price, can someone help me, please ?

  10. Very surprised 8250 has higher av fps since it's clocked like 30-40% lower. Didn't know gta V could take advantage of so many threads.

  11. I have hp cc129tx with i5 8th gen
    8gb ram 8gb sss windows 10 home
    2gb NVidia 940 mx
    I downloaded gta 5 but it is showing not meeting minimum requirements and gets stopped working
    pls give me link to right game file or crack

  12. How are the fps in GTA 5 on intel hd 620 lesser than the video on the benchmark of GTA 5 on intel hd 620 that was posted on this channel long ago in that video the average was 37fps ( )👈 how did that become 27fps are driver updates throttling performance?🙄🤔


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