More than two dozen people quarantined in Danang, Vietnam to be tested for Wuhan coronavirus


Vietnam has two cases of the novel coronavirus which originated in Wuhan. CNA’s Vietnam correspondent Tung Ngo details the latest situation in the country.



  1. Why keep calling it Wuhan Virus.. 🤬😡 and this reporter is too stupid.. China stopped traveling to Danang since second week of February.. and he is selling mask and not wearing 😂🤣

  2. Im in vietnam right now and to be fair they are doing a good job in protecting themselves and foreigners by getting everyone to adopt mask wearing and using hand sanitzer at every turn. Vietnam are setting the standard quiet well.

  3. The Korean tourists was not happy to be quarantined in a ‘3rd world’ Vietnamese hospital but demanded to stay in hotels or fly home. The quarantine tourists then declared on Korean news media that they were fed ‘3rd world’ Viet food. Let the record shows: no death has been reported in ‘3rd world’ Vietnam – unlike ‘1st world’ S. Korea.

  4. Close the borders! Like USA and Australia have. Are you putting money above the lives of your own people? Like Thai or Cambodia

  5. No Asians I ever knew this breeding ground for this fantastic photojournalist by sub human bone in the nose island happy beauty parlor rioters will survive NEW DAWN OF MANKIND NO ASIANS ON ISLAND AND NOWHERE IN NORTH AMERICA- VIRGIN ISLANDS WITH BEAUTIFUL SATELLITE PHOTOS FREE OF DYING BREEDS OF UGLY CRUEL BONE IN THE NOSE- OVER FRESH AIR! ENJOY!

  6. Virus can live on doorknob and other surfaces for 1 week, if someone sneeze and it enters another body through nose or eyes or mouth.

  7. I booked a flight to Da Nang and Hanoi this summer but I took an insurance to cancel my flight in case this virus is a real thing in Vietnam. I hope my vacation will go on 🙁

  8. The deadly animal virus epidemic spreading globally may have originated in a Wuhan laboratory linked to China’s covert biological weapons program, according to an Israeli biological warfare expert.

  9. I can't believe that the corona virus has come here from China you guys wash your hands with warm water germs will come if you don't wash your hands you get killed by the germs

  10. schools are on recess and now the outbreak is getting severe here. Are schools coming back next week?
    you can also watch the state of schools here.
    trường học đang nghỉ và bây giờ dịch bệnh đang trở nên nghiêm trọng ở đây. Các trường học có quay trở lại vào tuần tới không?

    bạn cũng có thể xem tình trạng của các trường học ở đây.

  11. I'm a Canadian Vietnamese and I'm watching coverage from across the world. I'm noticing and realizing that Vietnam & China have a close relationship both economically and politically. I don't know if the communist regime in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon City) are aware of the severity of this impending pandemic but they are extremely foolish to keep the border open to allow Chinese citizens to stream through into Vietnam's northern border. I don't know if Vietnam's communist government is in the pockets of the Chinese government or not, but Vietnam absolutely needs to close their borders for now because the spread of this virus is going to be economically, medically and nationally disastrous if infected Chinese people who are not aware that they are contagious try to escape the spreading within their own country. They are only going to spread the virus into Vietnam while the country's government sits idle or obligated to keep the land border open.

    This message needs to be read by the Vietnamese government officials and advised to the higher levels as soon as possible. They need to know that ALL OF CHINA'S PROVINCES are infected with the virus and so their local citizens are trying to escape into Vietnam. WHY AREN'T THE BORDERS SEALED OFF???? You are putting your citizens at risk of contracting this disease!! Scientists from Canada are predicting that it will take about one year or more to come up with a vaccine that would be proven after human trials. This period of time requires all nations to be guarded and to contain this virus as best as possible. The Vietnamese government are either in denial or they are politically obligated to keep those borders open. This will come back and bite them in their asses within a few more months when the virus spreads further into Vietnam. Please pass this message to the communist government office in Ho Chi Minh City!! You're putting your people at risk!!!!

  12. this is a big chance for Vietnamese and china government, killing there own people with out weapon, with was they have been doing all these year.[ don't have to hang up smoking them, cut head, get contestant, tractor run over to chop heads,] china no longer had baby to make food, don't need no yeil shell with they used to lock people with out crim.

  13. I’m in Vietnam for family and vacation and I’m going home soon. I just hope to go home to my other family and friends but it looks like I won’t be going home for a few more days 😔

  14. i hate it because the people in china are bringing other country into the problem plus im going on vaction soon to vietnam and i cant go if it gets bigger

  15. Virus stolen from lab In October

  16. In fact many animals are imported from Vietnam by black markets. The eating custom are similar in several provinces of southern China and Vietnam.

  17. I live in Da Nang, update now: All 26 people are negative for corona virus. Da Nang is still safe, with temperatures above 25 degrees C and high humidity is corona virus environment can not spread


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