One Piece 974 Analysis – EVIL (SPOILER)


Let’s discuss the traitor’s identity…the evil of a true artist…and the great war that is to come… SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. Final few minutes of the videos are god level 😍😍 , it gave me goosebumps , i'm literally shaking with hype . I'm feeling restless for your next review

  2. So when u said that momonuske destiny is to carry wano on his shoulder ..and wano can command to zunisha which have a country of minks on his shoulder which seems to be commanded as punishment to walk the sea since thousand years … And seems kozuki and minks have deep connection and oden said when time comes right you have to ask minks help I guess after kaido wars like never before happen in wano ..wano gets destroyed and in literal way all of wano people will come on zunisha back which will be commanded by momonuske which is his destiny to have wano on his shoulder…! And that means literally doors of wano have been opened ..meaning zunisha will come to wano destroying wano in case and also be assist in defeating kaido …seems the greater war in comparison to Marineford now .. doesn't it..?

  3. I want kyroshiro to fight orochi but oda is building up Zoro vs orochi? Unless it's going to be a 2v1 but I really hope zoro doesn't get help and kyroshiro should know some of orochi's weaknesses.

  4. 4:45 When you look closely Kanjuro is drawing the ugly drawing with his left hand in dressrosa, although he is right handed … meaning him pretending to be bad at drawing to deceive everyone… was already planned back then…

  5. great video….as always your voice makes everything much more interesting to listen too, keep up the great work VinlanD.

  6. I reckon that Kanjuro's fruit is the Hito-Hito No Mi model Eski a special zoan or translated into English the human fruit model artist

  7. Excellent video! Love the end! I am saddened that it was Kanjuro, 'cause I kinda liked him, but I can see him not getting a redemption. His betrayal definitely goes too far.

  8. The question is, who deserves to kill Orochi? Or since it’s One Piece, will he even die? (Greenbull reveal in Wano…?) <- (Impel Down..?)

  9. I feel like Kanjuro will undergo a serious redemption during the war. The Kurozumi Clan was discriminated, and Orochi took power, and now the Kozuki are discriminated, and honestly if Kanjuro and Orochi just get crushed and Kozuki comes back into power, it won’t make sense in terms of peace. There were people who sided with Orochi, and they will fear the revival of the Kozuki. Orochi swayed Kanjuro into getting revenge, and it’s not like revenge was what Kanjuro was originally looking for. Kanjuro simply wanted a Wano where he could be treated fairly like everyone else. Idk how yet, but I think with the help of scabbards and/or Luffy, Kanjuro is going to play a huge role, and I believe he will be similar to Marineford Koby, in the sense that the people of Wano do not need to be fighting each other to make it a better place. There has to be unity between the Kozuki and Kurozumi clans, and I believe Oda will make it so that Kanjuro is critical to tie that untied knot.

  10. Just came up with this theory. Kanjiro draws an evil Ryunoske and Robin has to kill it. that will be her fight during Wano.

  11. My dumbass accidentally watched this before i read the chapter, then i read the chapter and was like holy shit you guessed everything that happened this chapter. Then i rewatched the video and was like oh it was an analysis of the chapter.

  12. Not many people can that they saw this coming….but to the few of you that did…CONGRATULATIONS…Always go with your instincts….10-10 chapter from the KOM ( King Of Mangaka ) EIICHIRO GODA


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