Redmi Note 9 Pro First Impressions: Mixed Feelings!


Xiaomi has just announced its new Redmi Note smartphone, the Redmi Note 9 Pro, and well, this video is all about our Redmi Note 9 Pro first impressions.



  1. 2:53 For those Mediatek fans look at the CPU temp aside from slightly better performance. And you will notice why Realme 6 pro or Redmi note 9 pro series use SD 720G

  2. I hope the snapdragon fans are happy, nevertheless the note 8 pro had a mediatek processor that has the SAME performance as the note 9 pro.

  3. Speak for yourself. I love my BIG phones! Sent from my Mi Max 2

  4. Rupesh are you kidding snapdragon 720g is a big upgrade over Helio G90t mediatek chipsets are literally shit and i mean it. Snapdragon chipsets are 10 times better.

    What is the speaker output and earphones output …which one is better RN9pro or Realme6

  6. If Xiaomi uses 720G chipset with regards to better battery life, it's alright for me.

    Better than smartphones with AMOLED screens with high refresh rates, but bad battery life.

  7. For me what is funny is that, when manufacturer makes slim phone cuts on battery and some features everyone complains,we don't mind hefty phone with big battery. They make that and people complain the phone is to heavy and bulky.. We will never stop complaining 😂

  8. Do you have any video playable at 90 fps?? Or any game (except brawl stars and other small games) that supports 90 fps? Then why u need 90hz panel ?


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