Russia deputies to vote on Putin's constitutional reform | AFP


Russian lawmakers vote on a package of constitutional reforms as President Vladimir Putin looks to put his stamp on the country for decades to come.



  1. As Putin has definitely made a lot of domestic enemies, he is afraid of the fact that if he is no longer in power, the new guy will have his head on the plate. That is why he wants to be king for life.

  2. Putin is a dictator now, and trump wants to be one too, so, we will have to keep an eye on guy to make sure he gets defeated in November!

  3. God not want US to plan to kill Putin in secret,,let he feel powerful because God will permit happen a very bad civil war im Russia in future that could split the nation in two like North and South Korea did , these guys are feelings very powerful, have the most big nation in territory but if they not learn to give liberty and power to people and be rotating titles of the government, God will split the nation in two or more making they feel smaller… that is why God have to permit Putin even to feel a dictator and seat and eat with them and get feelings of them, is a plan of God to split the nation… after they split the nation God will give them feelings oo feel proud of become other nation too

  4. Russia a corrupt oligarchs oppressive ( Putin ) regime ..Russia erupted in revolution but now can’t even removed this tyrant …people are stupid in Russia it’s pathetic and military is barbarically dedicated to Putin…..the impoverished poor and middle class suffer

  5. Putin should watch his mouth if he doesn't want to dangle like Saddam Hussein.

    After the Kirch Strait incident and the unlawful Crimean incursion; Putin can be tried by the International Criminal Court, for violations of the Law of the Sea, Violations of the Geneva Accords, and Human Rights Abuses.


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