SAEED! SOLSKJÆR SPOT ON TONIGHT! Manchester United 2-0 Manchester City Fan Cam


Manchester United 2-0 Manchester City and Saeed says that that Solskjær deserves credit today and every player was brilliant! Agree? Get the latest Man Utd …



  1. This new run of form has nothing to do with ole tactics it Fernandes he has injected energy and belief in your team young players can turn and look at him and aspire to be him and he actually picking up the ball and driving forward and he can pass unlike any1 else you got

  2. Two months ago…SAEED:Ole Out
    ..freestyle football doesnt work!!..bring in Poch!!..ole has no tactics!!

    Now SAEED:Ole is Masterclass…Freestyle is brilliant!…OLE is the man!!….
    This BRO confuses me😒

    My Opinion Ole needed time!!!

  3. Think about it logically. A 21 year old lad coming from the Championship, constantly getting slated for his end product, still continuously taking the ball and running at one of the best teams in the world. I will always rate him for that. If anything he has balls. Definitely has the right mentality to succeed at this club

  4. Saeed knows the game and reads it well. CIty and Liverpool type of game game is running at teams with front three; and offensive midfielders. Man Utd is the opposite. But we need that more and it is happening even more so. Dan James running at them and Martial at times is more than needed. Bruno help with that playing offensive type football. Lingard and Rashford use to be that type of players


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