Solo Leveling Chapter 109 Live Reaction – WHEN THE ABYSS LOOKS BACK


MAGE Reads the latest Chapter of Solo Leveling (109), So and Upgrader appears and she wants to see what you’ve got, what are the options here – unintentional Overwhelming force?

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  1. Hunter sung jinwoo is the shadow soverign and when Mrs. Selner looked in him the power of the shadow soverign looked back at her and she got scared due to that power of the shadow sooverign.

  2. Actually madam selner is a 'upgrader', right?. She can see both the future and the past she knows he's the shadow sovereign and other sovereign, she knows when someone will die and when something bad is gonna happened
    And that's all i know about Madam selner

  3. Main character is World best sss rank hunter and he doesn't have limit that main he strong all other sss rank he will be USS rank

  4. The King Mrs. Selner is refering to is most likely the monster monarch or whatever which took over his body since the double lair. Will be interesting to see of the real sung jin woo could make a turnaround in the end

  5. Why would they bring an upgraded who they were not sure could upgrade above a rank to upgrade Sung ?? She must be able to upgrade at least s rank maybe even above as long as u have a limit u can be upgraded. That’s what I got anyway

  6. I don’t know if you guys know who AJ Lapray is but the dude on the left looks exactly like him but with black hair haha

  7. At one point nothing will be strong enough to rival Mr.Woo and it will be like in a game when you are lvl 9275321 and trying to farm lvl 100 S rank monsters for exp. It would take years to level up again. Maybe he gets a skill that makes him everlasting. That would be cool. The immortal SSSS rank hunter lmao

  8. Another scan group did this chapter (can't remember who), but instead of saying that "he is a king", and "he does not have a limit".
    They translated it as "he is a monarch, of the highest caliber", and " he has endless potential".

    I wonder what translation is more accurate to the original.

  9. OK this might be a bit of a spoiler but encase they don't explain how Mrs. Selner's powers work, I thought I would. When she looks into a person she normally sees a tube or stream of light going through the darkness. The wider that stream the more power that person has. She can push back the darkness a little and widen the stream to make them more powerful. Normally a 'King' has a flood of light, so that she can barely see the darkness around it. Jin Woo does not have a stream that she could find, she realised that HIS POWER IS THE DARKNESS!!!

  10. I don’t think hwang don suk that is the other Korean s rank in America wasn’t an s rank before he joined them I recon he was already one but just wanted to get stronger and couldn’t resist going to America


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