Stock Market Crash, Putin’s Potential Term Reset & An African Locust Swarm | The Daily Show


The stock market plunges, Vladimir Putin considers a plan to prolong his presidency, and changing weather patterns cause a severe swarm of locusts in East Africa. #TheDailyShow

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  1. And who continues to support vlad the putin? donal Drumpf defends our enemy. That is not the definition of a traitor? Seriously!

  2. The locusts has nothing to do with #ClimateChange it's a curse sent by Yah. An African Pastor prophesied it years ago…The sign of Locusts – Pastor Ian Ndlovu –

  3. Trevor: "The one thing guys on Wall Street like to do when Wall Street is crashing… is the one thing you're not allowed to do because of corona."
    Me: "Doing a line of coke directly off the body of some intern frightened to lose her job?"
    Trevor: "Put your hands on your face."
    Me: "Oh."

  4. You Yanks are really funny Putin is not Dictator hahaha people or Russian Federation want him to stay in power !
    Because he is doing exelent job so far and because to be honest there is no one to replace him.
    Dictator yea right lol

  5. Locust are edible right? The Boring Company should ship 'locust relief' packages with 'definitely not flamethrowers' in

  6. Those lost millions and billions are mostly FIAT-money. (Money "printed" on the bank´s loaning office, though without cover by real assets). It´s like air bubbles in a closed liquid system, it has to go out, otherwise the system eventually gets overheated. Let the Risk guys stand their risks, don´t bail them out!

  7. Comparison of 5 fatal viruses which turned out to be a public threat throughout the world, among which coronavirus is spreading the fastest so far, the death rate is also not as flu. It has TWO stages as to spreading graph. The first one likely is due to the downplayed data from mainland China by the CCP.

  8. America..better pray that trump doesn't get inspired by Putin's plan to stay in power till 2036 cos if trump decides the same ,v all r gonna be doomed😝

  9. 2020 so far- Continuous war in the Middle East and rumors of war with Iran A worldwide virus, a massive locust swarm? Sounds like revelations to me

  10. 😣CrashING stock markets accomplishments.😯
    🙄Swarming locusts plague Africa.

    🗻🛸Russia tyrant grabs, and American subversions in place of elections😳🙈

    Climate changings unnesseary disasters.. "!? AND UNIVERSAL Pandemics on arise!!😏🤒🌚 🌠

    🎪👐🤥🐾🐢🐾👣👣🙄🙌Moscow Mitch's🎭 double standards, and Dr Hide Trumpinnochio's immense ignorances of epic #Prince of Darkness proportions CONtinues..🤨😐😑🖕😊Sad😂😴😬🤣🤔wtf
    🍔🍔🍔👐☻O'. my Hamberder😒😳

    🖕😊Good luck ‼😂🍻🤣Cheers🤦‍♀️.

  11. me: haha my brother
    me, two seconds later, realising he's my half brother and I am my dad's first born son: AAAAAAAA


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