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Inside a vertical prison system, inmates are assigned to a level and forced to ration food from a platform that moves between the floors. Directed by Galder …



  1. 333 floor is the last, and platform not coming up, except the little girl, fcking survive at lasy floor and can go up without doing nothing😆😆meanwhile others are died, what a crap🙄

  2. Got an the cube wibe to it, and I must say this movie was good, the ending was a bit meh with no explination but i asume that was ok

  3. The last 20 mins or so when there going down and there’s just bodies of those who have starved to death 💀. Scarred me for life

  4. I like it cuz I like and I enjoy disturbing movies like this.
    Also a serbian film was hella good and gross but still enjoyable

  5. I saw a lot of comments debating about what the ending was so i decided to translate a theory that i saw on a spanish comment.

    Sorry if i have grammar mistakes n all, it’s been a looooong time since i didn’t practice my english, i’m a spanish speaker lmao. (I wrote cake instead of the real dish name, but That’s bc i forgot the name lol)

    Actually there’s a theory that says that the kid never went up, it was a hallucination, in reality the cake was the one who got on top. That’s why there’s a scene of the main chef yelling at the others because there was a hair in the cake, but as always they didn’t get the Message of the lower floors.
    The movie is full of symbolism and shit so yeah, everyone can get a different message from this.

  6. I seen this movie it is gross please u might puke WARNING:this movie is gross bone flesh been cutting out in this movie killing and raping and surviving dieing killing dogs this is a warning this might make you puke I recommend you should not watch it but if you are brave enough you can


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