The Power of TRUE FALSE in Excel


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How to use TRUE & FALSE in Excel – this includes many examples, starting with IF statements, using logical functions to make more powerful true/false checks, including without IF statements, and using them for Conditional Formatting & Data Validation as well as the more advanced usage of them in functions like SUMPRODUCT, where TRUE and FALSE magically become 1 and 0.

I hope that this tutorial will help you better understand the many usages for TRUE and FALSE in Excel and get you on your way to making more powerful decision structures in Excel.

The examples in this tutorial include:
– IF statements
– logical tests without IF statements
– Conditional Formatting custom formulas
– Data Validation custom formulas
– Advanced TRUE FALSE usages via the SUMPRODUCT function

I hope you find this tutorial useful! 🙂


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  1. Hi, I want to know that with the IF function is it possible to search from another range of cells and return a value based on the logical test results? Eg: If A2(America) is existing any cells within C2:C6 If true the value will be USA else NO. Please help if this possible in excel. Thanks

  2. Hi, i need to know how we can get "true" ot "false" result using if function taking base from "named range".
    Eg- i have named range of colour as "color_list" having 5 color as red white, black, orange and green.
    Now i need need to get true or false result using if funtion taking information from "color_list".
    =if (and (A2="red",A3=colour_list)),"true","false"
    If cell A2 have text "red" and cell A3 have any color list from the named range "color_list" , then results "true" else " false".
    But i didnt get result using above formula.
    How can we get it.
    Please guide.


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