Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Coronavirus Details


After Tom Hanks discuss his and Rita Wilson’s coronavirus diagnosis, Carlos Bustamante and Graeme O’Neil react to their son Chet’s update during “ET Canada Live”.

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  1. Corona is less dangerous than swine flu, but being portrayed as it is the end.

    Though it is infectious, treat it just like other infection. It has its limits lesser than yours.

    Be strong, be brave.
    Live life the way you were living before it.

  2. CARONAVIRUS is 5g related…
    And Tom Hanks' son is a Lucifer worshipper.. check out his tattoos.
    Such a hero with his top off isnt he!!

  3. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. These "invisible governors" are a heroic elite, who coolly keep it all together, thereby "organizing chaos", as God did in the Beginning.

    – Edward Bernays (Founder of Public Relations and nephew of Dr. Sigmund Freud)

  4. truth is about to come out, his arrested in australia over trafficking charges, after trump passed an important bill all the perverts will be prosecuted, also his privileged wannabe gangster son with the logo on his chest is exposing the family even more, IMO

  5. I'm glad their ok. Hopefully they continue to be. I did not know that was their son, nor did i know he was that good looking. 😶

  6. NOW! Tom is the star of this global pandemic, what a born loser, looks like, we are scared for our lives and he and his wife want to be the head liners of this world health crisis, really Tom! Get a life!

  7. You can thank your Democrat pals and the left for those sniffles there Tommy boy. Yep, I wouldn't be surprised at all that this disease was intentionally done by the left to get their power back. Not surprised one bit. This considering everything done by the left thus far is NOT beneath them. Nothing is.

  8. Bull Sh_t- Tom Hanks is a Hollywood pedophila and has an indictment pending. This was a graceful exit for him and his Hollywood buddies provided by Trump to save face for the Hank Family. Even the Simpson predicted this weeks ago…how peculiar? Do you buy this false truth…Ricky C does not. Can you say Gitmo Tom Hanks.

  9. check out the eye of lucifer on his chest. and all the other illuminati/satanic tattoos. why make the video shirtless other than to show off his satanic/luciferian tats? weird.


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