Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson treated for coronavirus


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson announced they tested positive for coronavirus while in Australia. The married couple are now in isolation. Carter Evans reports.



  1. Life is like a box of viruses. You never know what you're going to get until you take a bite.
    Well, guess what? I done got that WuFlu!

  2. The United State Of America don’t have the infrastructure to run coronavirus test??? And we claim we are the world superpower…

  3. My name is CommunistVirus

    Satan sent me to reap its fans
    your resist in vain

    The C-communist sin unforgivable
    Don't complain the injustice

    Split the C-communist n repent

    I will leave you

  4. I used to like Tom Hanks, But he sold out to the globalists agenda, and now he has contracted a Globalists man made bio weapon, LOL Hope you die!!!

  5. We don't have the testing because the swamp was too busy with spending $100 billion a year on illegal aliens

  6. If we had m4a we'd be able to test for it but our health insurance system values. Profit over people's health. The test kit is probably 10000 per kit

  7. Must be nice to just get tested right away, and find out if you have it or not. Meanwhile in America everyone is a walking time bomb.


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